How An LMS Can Benefit Your Homeschool Co-Op

Running a homeschool co-op takes a lot of time and energy. 

But, the funny thing is, most of that time and energy is spent on tasks that shouldn’t take very long at all.

More often than not, running a homeschool co-op consists of mundane and tedious tasks, such as trying to find the right educational content and trying to find the right time to host a class.

None of those tasks are very enjoyable. 

But, more importantly, the time and energy expended on those tasks could – and should – be spent on more important tasks, such as helping students.

Today, there is a wonderful tool that you can use to radically simplify those tasks. By using this tool, you will be able to spend significantly more time on what really matters. 

This tool is an LMS.

What Is An LMS And How Can It Benefit Your Homeschool Co-Op?

The term “LMS” is short for “learning management system”.

A learning management system is, essentially, a software application that is used to manage, organize, and share all kinds of information. 

But an LMS is significantly more than that! 

As mentioned earlier, running a homeschool co-op takes a lot of time and energy. Most of that time and energy is, of course, spent on tasks that are relatively superfluous.

By using an LMS, you can radically simplify every single one of those tasks. That way, you can spend so much more time on what is truly important!

What Are Some Ways That An LMS Can Benefit Your Homeschool Co-Op?

Every homeschool co-op, to be truly successful, needs to have educational content to work with. If there is no educational content, then it’s a lot harder to teach the students who are in the co-op.

Unfortunately, finding the right educational content isn’t always easy. You often have to spend a lot of time trying to find what you need.

But, with an LMS, that entire process is much easier. You can set up your LMS so that it is connected to an online repository for educational content. Then, with just the click of a button, you can download all of the course content that you need!

Once you have that content, you need to share it with the students and teachers in your homeschool co-op. 

Traditionally, you would need to print that content out. That can take a long time and, considering just how expensive printer ink is, often costs a surprising amount of money.

But, with an LMS, all you need to do is take the downloaded content and can send it to every student and teacher within your homeschool co-op.

Since every student and teacher has what they need, you can begin teaching. But, by using an LMS, you aren’t just limited to in-person classes. 

Rather, you can teach online classes that are streamed from your home, record educational videos, recruit other teachers to make videos of their own, create online worksheets; along with so many other unique possibilities!

One of the most important aspects of any homeschool co-op is social interaction. By using an LMS, are you forfeiting that?

Not at all.

By using an LMS, you can develop special discussion forums and live video discussions for any subject or project. Because of this, it is very easy for teachers to interact with their students, and for students to interact with other students!

Each one of those possibilities, among so many others, allows for a truly fantastic educational experience.

What Is The Best LMS To Use For A Homeschool Co-Op?

The best LMS to use for your homeschool co-op is Moodle.

Moodle is a simple and easy-to-use LMS that comes equipped with a plethora of excellent features that make the entire process of running and managing a homeschool co-op super easy!

Do you need to assess the progress of your students? Moodle lets you do that.

Would you like to create quizzes that students can take on their own time? You can do that with Moodle.

Are you thinking about creating a fully-remote discussion group? That’s extremely easy to do with Moodle.

Those are just three examples of the features that Moodle offers. Regardless of what you need to better run your homeschool co-op, Moodle can make things easier!

Can Fictitious Educational Solutions Help?

At Fictitious Educational Solutions, we are deeply passionate about developing products and solutions for organizations that are helping others. 

By working with us, we will set-up and host a Moodle LMS that fulfills the needs of your homeschool co-op.

The Moodle LMS that we set-up and host for your homeschool co-op will allow for simpler, easier, and far more effective homeschooling! 

You can contact us today, and we will begin working with you on developing the Moodle LMS that you need!

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