5 Investments In 5-Minutes

Simple actions can create significant results.

The 5 investments outlined in this essay can be made in less than 5-minutes.

Each one of these investments, despite taking so little time, produces nearly-immediate changes in mood, attitude, energy-levels, perspective; and a plethora of other factors, some of which we may not even be fully aware of.

My hope is that you will read this essay, engage with these investments, and reap the same – or better – benefits that we have!

What Is An Investment?

The dictionary definition of investment – Google’s dictionary, more specifically – is as follows: the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

For this essay, we’ll say that definition is pretty on-point, except for one small thing.

You see, none of the investments in this essay pertain to money.

Rather, each investment pertains to a simple action that produces immediate effects right here and right now, while also producing benefits as time passes.

All of these effects and benefits pertain to qualities and traits that allow you to live a passionate, fulfilling, and abundant life.

By engaging with these investments, and making the choice to invest in what aids you, the act of living the life you truly wish to live is pleasant and enjoyable.

Investment 01: Take 11 Deep Breaths

The first investment is very simple: take 11 deep breaths.

You can do this anytime and anywhere.

If you want, you can adjust the number of breaths, as well.

Taking 11 deep breaths is, in our experience, a wonderful investment, since you relax your body and mind, while also bringing new life – oxygen – into your body.

Relaxing your body and mind, while bringing in new oxygen, creates a calming effect, while also allowing you to feel more energized and passionate throughout the day.

A single set of 11 deep breaths is more than sufficient.

If you continue to engage with these deep breaths, though, you will continue to reap the numerous benefits – a relaxed mood, less stress, less anxiety, more energy; among many others – that deep breathing offers.

Reaping the benefits of deep breathing will transform the mood/attitude through which you experience your life.

Investment 02: Play With Your Imagination

Your imagination is limitless.

A limitless treasure trove of wonders, gifts, blessings, concepts; and so on and so forth, infinitely and endlessly.

You can take just 5 minutes and let yourself engage with the true beauty of your imagination.

Just set aside 5 minutes – or less, if you need to – for letting your imagination come forth.

To accomplish this, you can think of a particular intention.

You may have a question or theme you wish to explore.

Right after you find your question or theme – you can choose some other type of intention, of course – close your eyes, let your mind wander across the question or theme, while allowing images and scenes to come forth.

A fresh set of scenes and images will, almost always, come forth.

Within the scenes and images, you will find new ideas, important questions to ask, blessings that enhance your vision; and so much more.

Just set aside a little time to be present and receptive to the limitless abundance of your imagination.

Investment 03: Drink A Big Glass Of Water

Simple, right?


Drinking a big glass of water is easy.

So easy, in fact, that the effects of doing so can be unfairly overlooked.

A big glass of water can lubricate the joints in your body, give you more energy, enhance your physical beauty, strengthen your brain; and so much more.

If you drink a big glass of water every single day – at least one glass – you will not only receive those effects, but become far healthier, in the long-term, as a result.

A simple investment that takes very little time, yet creates health and happiness.

Investment 04: Tell A New Story About Your Fear

Everyone will, at some point in time or another, experience fear, or some form of fear.

No matter who you are, or what you believe, fear is normal, and it’s okay to be scared.

But, if your fear is preventing you from moving forward with what truly matters to you, then fear is a problem.

One of the best ways you can solve this problem is to tell a new story about the fear you are experiencing.

Take the focal point of your fear – the situation eliciting a fearful reaction – and tell a new story about the situation.

A new story that highlights your own creative power, the fact that fear is a message that emanates from what you imagine and assume, while also letting yourself go beyond fear to a point in time where this fear is more unremembered than remembered.

You are, in the end, the creator of the stories that define the contents of your life and your experience of the world.

By choosing to tell new stories regarding your fears, fear itself, and who you are, you create who you are and you create what you do with who you are.

Investment 05: Smile & Laugh

As far as investments go, this one is, perhaps, the most self-explanatory.

Take a moment to smile.

If there is nothing to smile at, let yourself form a smile.

Sure, doing so might feel a little forced, at first.

But, if you do it for just a moment or so, you will experience a tangible shift in your mood.

The same goes for laughing.

A light chuckle, one that arises through your own choice rather than from an external situation, will produce more laughing.

Smiling and laughing, no matter the origin, enhances your mood, gives you more energy, and makes life, at the very least, a little more fun.

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