5 Reasons To Purchase An Adjustable Laptop Stand

These days, laptops are the most popular personal computers around. It certainly isn’t hard to see why this is the case, since a good laptop offers a tremendous amount of mobility, while also offering the power and functionality that you expect to find in a desktop computer.

Making use of a laptop computer can be difficult, however. Most laptops come in a form-factor that, while great for mobility, ensures you have to strain your body to type and see the screen properly.

Doing this for too long can easily lead to a multitude of health issues that it would be best to prevent.

There is a solution to the difficulties that come with using a laptop. Just as the title of this guide implies, that solution is using an adjustable laptop stand!

So, Why Should You Purchase An Adjustable Laptop Stand?

Reason 01: Your Laptop Will Last Longer

Within every laptop, there are a series of small fans. Each one of these fans is used to cool the internal components of the laptop, so that the laptop doesn’t overheat.

But, sometimes, these fan’s aren’t quite enough. If there’s too much heat within the laptop, then the internal components will overheat, causing the laptop to turn off and the internal components to, depending on how much heat is within the laptop, become damaged.

This, of course, greatly reduces both the power of your laptop and its lifespan.

More often than not, when we use a laptop, we place it down on a hard surface. A table or desk, to name just two examples. These hard surfaces are great, because they keep the laptop nice and sturdy. But, due to the solidity and density of these surfaces, cool air is unable to go underneath the laptop, which means that there’s not a lot of cool air flowing into the laptop

While using an adjustable laptop stand, your laptop is on a sturdy surface – the laptop stand – but it is also elevated off the desk or table that the laptop stand is on by a few-inches. Because of this, cool air can easily flow into the vents that are right underneath your laptop.

As cool air flows into the vents underneath your laptop, the internal components are cooled. This ensures that none of those components will overheat, which will allow your laptop to last for a lot longer, without any heat-related issues!

Reason 02: Your Neck Will Be Much More Comfortable

Just about every laptop is relatively small and quite short. This is a feature, rather than a bug, since laptops are meant for mobility. But, the small size of most laptops, combined with the low height of their screens, means that you often have to hunch your head and neck down to see the laptop clearly.

Being forced to hunch your head and neck down for long periods of time will, inevitably, lead to a lot of strain on your neck. All of that strain will then lead to neck pain, which can easily become worse and worse until it transforms into a more significant health issue.

By elevating your laptop to a comfortable height – the great thing about an adjustable laptop stand is that you can choose the height that’s most comfortable for you – you won’t have to hunch your head and neck to see the laptop clearly.

Since you won’t need to hunch your head and neck to see the laptop clearly, you won’t be straining your neck, which means you won’t have to deal with any neck pain!

Reason 03: Your Posture Will Improve

Making use of an adjustable laptop stand allows you to elevate your laptop to the height that’s right for you. By doing this, as mentioned in the last section, you won’t have to strain your neck to properly see what you’re doing.

But, an adjustable laptop stand won’t just reduce the strain on your neck, it will improve your posture in its entirety!

When your laptop is at the height that’s right for you, you won’t need to strain your neck, shoulders, or back. Because of that, you can sit up straight, and stare directly at the screen of your laptop. There is no need for poor posture, or the strain that results from poor posture.

Poor posture can result in many different kinds of ailments. Some of the most common include bodily pain, poor circulation, constricted nerves, and impaired lung function.

None of those ailments are pleasant. But, you can prevent them, if you take active measures – purchasing an adjustable laptop stand, for example – to improve your posture and to keep a good posture as often as possible.

Reason 04: You Will Type Faster

Making use of an adjustable laptop stand will improve your typing speed. But, perhaps, not quite in the way you might assume.

Even though typing on a laptop is a perfectly fine experience, there is a lot of room for improvement. Because of this, most people often prefer typing on a regular keyboard, rather than a laptop keyboard, due to the larger size and better ergonomics.

Unfortunately, though, there often isn’t enough space to place a keyboard and a laptop on the same surface. This is especially true when you consider the small screen-size of most laptops, and the fact that a large keyboard may make it even more difficult to see what’s on the screen.

But, with an adjustable laptop stand, you can elevate your laptop off of your table or desk, allowing you to place a keyboard right underneath. That way, you can type very quickly, while also being able to see your laptop as clearly as it can be seen!

Of course, you don’t need to use an external keyboard. Many laptops have perfectly fine keyboards that work very well. Making use of an adjustable laptop stand won’t improve your laptops keyboard, necessarily, but it will improve your overall posture, allowing you to keep your hands and elbows at a nice, neutral position, allowing for speedy and efficient typing!

Reason 05: You Will Be Comfortable

More than anything else, an adjustable laptop stand allows for an extremely comfortable laptop experience.

Rather than being forced to strain your body in unnatural positions, you can sit and relax in a nice, comfortable position.

By being relaxed and comfortable, you will be healthier, more productive, and a lot happier.

Most laptop stands allow for that level of comfort. An adjustable laptop stand, however, is even better, since it allows you to adjust your laptop so that it is in the most comfortable position possible. Because of this, you are able to make your experience as comfortable as you would like it to be.


These days, a good adjustable laptop stand costs less than $60. But, despite their low-price, they offer a plethora of excellent benefits – five of which we just looked at – and will improve your health, productivity, and, most importantly, your comfort.

No matter how you look at it, purchasing a good adjustable laptop stand is a fantastic investment that pays off in many ways!

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